Staci and George - St. John's 2

Staci Gale

St. John's NL

My life first changed by Leukemia when my grandfather, George Murphy passed away from the blood cancer in 2013. Now my life is changing again by a blood cancer because in May 2020 my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia.

I was inspired to join Light The Night in 2018 in memory of grandfather. This year, not only am I inspired by him but also now my daughter who is in treatments for Leukemia.

I was able to reach the $5,000 fundraising milestone through posting our team page on Facebook for people to donate but Piatto also ran a pizza of the week where $2 from each pizza sold went towards our fundraiser. Then Piatto matched what they made. We also did a giftcard fundraiser which is where we raised most of our money. We had cancer ribbon cut outs for $2 at 3 different locations.

Light The Night helps us gather our family, friends & supporters for a night of celebration. It helps us remember my grandfather and now this year celebrate the fight my daughter is going through.

It is so important to support those affected so that they can receive the best care, the best treatment and not feel alone in their journey!

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