As a Light The Night sponsor, you'll play a key role in bringing this magical, transformative experience to participants nationwide.

We have a wide range of opportunities for brand exposure, employee engagement, and visibility that will highlight your organization's leadership and philanthropy.

Strengthen Employee Resilience, Engagement and Belonging

You may be surprised at how blood cancers touch your employees: 68% of Canadians would feel helpless if they or someone they know were diagnosed with a blood cancer…

Partnering with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada breaks the cycle of loneliness and despair your employees may be experiencing.

Other Ways to Help

Participate in an Event

Take part in powerful, emotional and inspiring events in your community. Events that celebrate and honour cancer survivors, act as memorials to those facing a loss and give hope and healing to those still fighting.

Beat Cancer

Experience the power of one person, one community, one night to Dispel Darkness, Defy Despair and Defeat loneliness. Celebrate, honour and remember with us.