John Carmichael

John Carmichael

Calgary AB

John Carmichael was a warrior with enduring strength and resilience, a courageous, and brave patient who was admired by many- he was a true role model for others. John was HUMBLE and KIND!
Angela Carmichael - wife to John

John Carmichael is once again a deserving, Honoured and Remembered Hero. He was a warrior with enduring strength and resilience, a courageous, and brave patient who was admired by many- he was a true role model for others. John was HUMBLE and KIND!

John was an active and energetic man who lived life to its fullest. He loved golfing, biking, hiking, camping, skiing, working on cars, using tools - anything that involved family and friends. John had a personality that could light up any room and he loved nothing better than a good story and a laugh that brought those around him to happy tears. John would make time for everyone and was an amazing listener with thoughtful perspectives.

John was a family man -first and foremost. He was a loving and gentle husband and best friend to his wife. He was also a devoted dad who was incredibly proud of his three kids- they were his purpose- his legacy! John was also a loyal son, a supportive brother and a best friend to many.

On June 3, 2015, after a few months of not feeling well, John was diagnosed with acute leukemia at the age of 48 - it was a sudden and harsh diagnosis. The Peter Lougheed Center in Calgary quickly became his and our second home. The hematology doctors, nurses and staff on Unit 38 at P.L.C. became our friends and were the silver lining throughout our journey.

After two rounds of intense Chemo treatment, we were still at square one with a bone marrow transplant out of the question due to John’s unique case of leukemia. Throughout it all, John remained the man we all knew. He was positive, calm, loving and he met each day with grace and dignity no matter how terrible he felt. John was a model patient who knew all the staff at P.L.C. by name and always asked everyone there how they and their families were doing.

John hadn’t been feeling great prior to our first Light the Night in 2015, but when we arrived at the event and he saw 75 of his friends and family all wearing Light the Night T-shirts and holding red lanterns, he quickly became energized and truly touched. He even proceeded to walk most of the 5 kilometres (only sitting in the wheel chair for a short time).

At the 2015 Light the Night Walk, Team Walk for John was the top fundraising team for Calgary. John was passionate about raising funds and awareness for all of those affected by leukemia and lymphoma. A maintenance drug enhanced his quality of life and for five months he was able to be home more with his family, enjoying the simple things in life.

In March, 2016 he began coming down with various infections and eventually pneumonia in May. John continued to be our inspiration and our hero right until the end when he eventually passed away on May 24, 2016 at the age of 49.

John was a natural leader and he knew the impact he had on the people in his life. In honour of John and in keeping his memory alive, Team Walk for John will be walking in our 10th annual Light the Night Walk. Our incredible team has raised over $82,000 so far.

Thank you everyone from Light the Night Calgary and to our supportive and loyal Team Walk For John. Together we can all make a difference and LIGHT UP THE NIGHT!

We are so proud to have John recognized as a Light the Night Honoured and Remembered Hero for 2024!

Hugs, Angela, Brent, Curtis, Ashley and Conner