Why Participate this year?


This year, Light The Night is excited to return to in person events in 6 locations across the country. As registration and planning for our events develop, we will be sharing more information on each city’s Light The Night experience throughout the next few months.

This year, there will be three types of Light The Night events: Light The Night Signature events, Light The Night Community Hosted events, and Light The Night My Way events.

  • Light The Night Signature Events are hosted by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, and will take place in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, and Halifax. These events will feature an indoor experience as well as  an outdoor walk component, reminiscent of our past Light The Night Walks. Depending on each city’s event venue, experiences such as memorial messaging, local artisans and entertainment may be featured at these events. Due to the nature of hosting these events in local venues, only registered participants can attend these Signature events in person. 
  • Light The Night Community Hosted Events are like our Signature events but they will be hosted and managed by teams of volunteers. St. John's is currently our first Community Hosted event; the St. John's community has come together to manage their own Light The Night experience to host their own event in autumn of 2023.
  • Light The Night My Way is a new way to celebrate with us regardless of where you are in the country! This is an excellent option if you are not near any of the Signature or Community Hosted events and would like to create a team of your own to fundraise and support the blood cancer community. For information on how Light The Night My Way works, please click here.

For more information on our events this year, please visit our FAQs.  

Your support makes this possible

In just the past year...


newly diagnosed Canadians asked for support from a First Connection volunteer


service requests completed for information, psychological support and healthcare navigation


people affected by a blood cancer reached out for support

You can make a different cancer experience possible.

The need has never been greater. Every 24 minutes, someone in Canada is diagnosed with a blood cancer. Blood cancers strike anyone, at any age, without warning.

When you Light The Night …

You are fueling research

Funds you raise for Light The Night propel blood cancer research that’s improving cancer care and saving lives.

You’re providing support

With your help, anyone facing a blood cancer can get the information and personal support they need—every step of the way.

You’re making a different cancer experience possible

By taking part in Light The Night, you’re bringing light, love, and hope to show those affected by blood cancers that they’re not alone.

How You'll Light The Night in 2023

Register Blue


Sign up as an individual, join a friends & family or corporate team, or start your own as team captain! There’s no charge to register - be sure to invite everyone you know to join you.
Fundraise Red


Raise funds through your customizable personal page and spread the word to your networks through social media, email, and in-person get-togethers. We’ve got the fundraising ideas and resources to set you up for success.
Celebrate Blue


Join our national broadcast on Saturday, October 21 for an unforgettable evening of entertainment, inspirational stories, and messages of hope.

Why we Light The Night

Jayne Shannon
Jayne Shannon
Quote (Depreciated)
Jayne's passion has always been to foster the infinite development of her team, setting individuals in the direction of their own dreams.

Halifax NS

Jennifer Ann Crofts
Jennifer Ann Crofts
Quote (Depreciated)
As outgoing and vivacious as she was, Jennifer also had a more quiet and introspective side. She was very artistic and expressed herself through beautiful paintings. Her imagination and creativity were inspiring.

St. Lazare QC

Madeline Lauener
I participate as a Patient / Survivor
Madeline Lauener
Quote (Depreciated)
The greatest lesson I learned from all that I have been through, is that life is something we should not take for granted, and that each day we are in state of wellness to get up and make an impact in someone’s life, it is important that we do so.

Growing up, I had a very normal life; a loving family, plenty of friends, and I was quite active in my school, and the community.

Vancouver BC

Michael Cobden
I participate in memory of a loved one lost
Michael Cobden
Quote (Depreciated)
You know those bucket lists that people always talk about- I never had a list and I have no empty buckets. I’ve done all I wanted to do, and I have no regrets.

Remembered Hero - Halifax

Halifax NS

Bryan Carroll
Bryan Carroll (2008-2015)

Dartmouth NS

David Senac
David Senac
Quote (Depreciated)
LIFE is always the strongest; I am a living proof that everything is possible. No matter what, keep fighting and never surrender. Of course, there will be up and downs but in the end what matters the most is to KEEP HOPE!!!

Toronto ON

Picture of Amanda in Hospital with thumbs up
I participate as a Patient / Survivor
Amanda Saunders
Quote (Depreciated)
A chronic illness is not a gift, but it’s certainly a lesson that I carry with me.

Grand Falls-Windsor NL

Picture of Gianpaolo Filippelli's family
I participate as a Patient / Survivor
Gianpaolo Evangelisti
Quote (Depreciated)
Gianpaolo was diagnosed at 3 years old.

Mississauga ON

A blood cancer diagnosis is more than the illness. It is a community of people first.

  • It is a person who will have to quit a job, stop school and pause plans for the future to overcome a grave illness.

  • It is a person who will have to care for a loved one day-after-day for weeks, months or even years.

  • It is a person who will find the best course of action to treat the illness, monitor the progress, or offer advice.

  • It is a person who will dedicate their career to finding new ways to treat the disease with fewer side effects.

  • It is a family that grieves a loved one lost to the disease.

Use Your Power

Red Hands Helping

Dispel Darkness

Post a memory of a loved one lost to a blood cancer.

Defy Despair

Share your message of hope with the blood cancer community.
Fist Raised

Defeat Loneliness

Share your story.

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