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Team Jamie

Old Perlican NL

It feels good to keep his memory alive

My Brother Jamie


I was 14 when my brother Jamie passed away. My parents had to relocate to Toronto while he was being treated at the Princess Margaret Hospital. I stayed at home with family members and although they treated me very well, it was really hard being away from my family for such a long period of time. Before getting sick Jamie was very athletic and strong but when he returned from treatments he had changed so much. He came home in October and before long he had become sick again and the following March he passed away. He was only 21. I talk about my brother like it was yesterday, because that’s how it feels. Now he lives on through my children, they know all about their uncle and talk about him all the time. They love to be involved in our fundraiser, to support and give back in his memory.

Light the Night supports the treatment advances that have been made, advances that we didn’t have in 1995. I often wonder, what if he was diagnosed today? Or what if he was diagnosed just a couple of years later? Maybe it would have made a difference and he would be with us today.

It’s nice to be a part of LLSC and it feels good to keep his memory alive. The Light the Night walks are so beautiful. To see all the white lanterns means that all those people are still here with their families. We want to give back and support the other families who are going through a blood cancer diagnosis.

Light the Night creates awareness about blood cancer and the people who are struggling. Everyone is in a different boat dealing with their own challenges, but they all need your support. By participating in Light the Night you’re doing your part and helping someone out along the way.

It feels good to keep his memory alive