Light The Night My Way is a new way for any individual or team to register and host their own Light The Night event, regardless of where they are located in Canada. It’s an ideal solution to fundraising for Light The Night, even if you cannot attend one of our 6 Signature events across the country on October 21, 2023!

With Light The Night My Way, you can organize your own team and fundraising event, and host your Light The Night experience at your convenience. It’s up to you and your team when you’d like to host your own Light The Night experience whether it’s a walk, an indoor event, or an outdoor experience! When you register for Light The Night My Way, you’ll receive:

  • Individual or Team Fundraising Webpage
  • Access to Fundraising Tools & Support
  • Fundraising Incentives & Recognition
  • Dedicated LLSC Staff Support for Questions

If you have any questions regarding registering for Light The Night My Way, please contact:

Please visit our FAQ’s page for more information on the type of Light The Night events we are hosting this year.