Jason Buttar - Chilliwack

Jason Buttar

Chilliwack BC

I was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2017. My uncle was also diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins in 2007. I went through chemo and a stem-cell transplant following my diagnosis.

The biggest challenge in my blood cancer experience was during remission. It was an external challenge, getting back to a new normal and adjusting to a new outlook on life. Due to steriod treatment side effects, there were also some internal challenges that I had to battle with.

Life is better now, as I look back on how my life has been changed by blood cancer. This experience gave me the chance to re-evaluate my vision and goals in life. I live in the present, while looking hopeful into the future. I made a list of what I wanted to do when my diagnosis was cleared to pass time, and remained hopeful for the future. During the diagnosis period, I tried to keep busy with reading and passing time by with other activities rather than dwelling. I actively pursued optimism rather than waiting for it to come by itself.

I was directed towards LLSC during treatment, thought I would check it out with my family and sign up a team. I didn't expect much out of it, but the experience was so positive for my family! We've been walking since 2018 with our team, "Boss Buttar."

I was only 21 when I was diagnosed with a blood cancer. It was very unexpected and random, especially because it is an irregular age group to be diagnosed. Canadians should support the blood cancer community because this diagnosis could happen to anyone, even without a family history. However, research has support a strong upwards trend in higher survival rates, indicating that we are making progress towards a cure. Treatments are working, although they come with a host of side effects that can be challenging.

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