A1 Cement - Calgary

A1 Cement

Calgary AB

Supporting our loved ones with blood cancers


A1 Cement has been serving concrete work to Calgary since 1956. They have a commitment to quality workmanship and have applied that to their participation in Light The Night. A1 Cement walks together in Light The Night as a team building experience. Blood cancer effects multiple people within their organization, so they find that participating in Light The Night lets employees work together on something they care about while engaging one another as well as industry partners.

A1 Cement describes the Light The Night experience as “incredibly moving and humbling.” Hearing the stories of speakers and other walkers motivates the group to participate in the fundraiser each year. They believe the cause needs to be supported because “blood is our lifeline,” and urge other Canadians to consider the importance of blood cancer awareness.

Persevering through challenging situations by surrounding themselves with loving and caring people is a great source of hope for the folks of A1 Cement.

Do you have a story to tell?

As a supporter, in memory, or as a survivor… share with others why you are helping end blood cancers by participating in a Light the Night Walk