Greg, Husband of Linda

Remembering Greg


Sharon ON

My dear husband of almost 52 years died September 24 2022 of Acute Myloid Leukemia after a battle of 4 1/2 years.

He fought hard however when the Leukemia came back it could not be stopped. A couple days before he passed Greg said this ‘I want to go’. I was thinking maybe on a trip then he said ‘I want to go to heaven.’ Within a short time Greg left us and went on his journey to heaven.

His first diagnosis at Princess Margaret Hospital gave him 3-6 months. With the treatment from his team there and at the Stronach Cancer Center in Newmarket Ontario he lived well beyond his initial prognosis. We are thankful to his team for their kindness and dedication.

We must work to eradicate all cancers and for others who might be fighting like Greg with AML.

Never give up the fight for a cure!

Susan and Family