Jp & Crystal Simon - Halifax

JP & Crystal Simon

Halifax NS

Through our experience with blood cancer we've learned the value of family, friends and time.

We have been participating in Light The Night for over 5 years now. We were inspired to take part in Light The Night because we wanted to join family and friends to celebrate and honour those with blood cancer and their families.

We recently hit the $5,000 fundraising milestone because we have such great supporters we call Crew Members who #Support our auctions, our sports challenges and our donation requests. 

To us Light The Night means a community where we share hope and support for the future. We see friends we’ve sat next to in chemo, members of our healthcare team who always bring a smile. All Canadians should support the blood cancer community to ensure everyone has the care they need.

Do you have a story to tell?

As a supporter, in memory, or as a survivor… share with others why you are helping end blood cancers by participating in a Light the Night Walk