The Lit Lanterns Team - Light The Night

The cause and my journey

Charlottetown PE

The cause:

The mission is to raise funding for the LLSC. The LLSC provides a lot for the cancer community. They provide support for patients, caregivers, and family. They are a beacon of light in dark times. Chances are, you have been touched by cancer in one way shape or form. With the donations, the LLSC not only provides support, but also funds research for treatment. They have been able to completely sustain some researchers across the country. This includes one right here in the Maritimes.

The beautiful thing about blood cancer research, is that is one of if not the most transferable in respect to aid in many other types on cancer research. This means you will not only be directly assisting with blood cancer research, but you will also be helping progress research for other types of cancer. The mission is to see an end to this horrible disease that has defined and touched so many lives, and has taken far too many good people. No one deserves to go through the pain of treatment-physically or mentally. No one’s loved ones should have to witness this and sit next to a hospital bed feeling lost or hopeless while they watch their loved one suffer. This needs to end.

My journey:

Some of you are already familiar with my journey. It began in early September of 2018. I began having all sorts of weird symptoms until I finally got a cat scan in mid October. The scan showed a tumor approximately 2/3 the size of a tennis ball. Immediate intervention was need and I was rushed to the Moncton hospital for brain surgery. After 3 rounds of pathology, I had symptoms of my brain tumour return, but that was second to the intense nerve pain I was experiencing. I was admitted to the QEH, and had an immediate scan. At the same time the pathology can be as non Hodgkin’s lymphoma diffuse large B cell. My body was attacking itself. The scan revealed our worst fears.

The brain tumour return to around the size of a golf ball, and we had found 3 more on the trunk of my spine. The Cancer had started spreading throughout my central nervous nervous system, turning my diagnosis to stage 4 CNS non Hodgkin's lymphoma. I was rushed to Halifax to start treatment in mid December’s after 4 rounds of intense chemo call “the matrix” protocol, I had finished the first leg of treatment which I feel like I did very well with. I had a rest for a bit, returned to Halifax to extract some stem cells from myself in June of 2020. The stem cells got washed and I returned in July to undergo even more aggressive chemotherapy to prepare to get my stems cells back.

I finally rang the bell in late July and I finally rang the bell I had been eyeing up and walked past so many times, day after day.I rang it so hard and loud because it’s the only time I plan on ringing it, so I wanted to make it count! In September, I got an MRI that came back clean - I was finally in remission. Today I stand 4 years remission and continue to be healthy. Thanks to the LLSC, me and my loved ones were supported the entire way through, and still am. I am beyond proud to be apart of this community, it is truly special. Thank you for your support, myself and many others do and will appreciate all of your support!!