Brent Wheeler 2 - Saskatoon

Brent Wheeler

Saskatoon SK

Wheeler’s Lymphomaniacs


I have been participating in Light The Night for 3 years.

Since my Diagnosis I have grown to realize what the important things are in life. Don’t worry about the small stuff.

My friends at Warman Home Centre started our team to support me when I was first diagnosed. Them along with my family and friends are a strong driving force for the team today.

My advice for people trying to reach the $5,000 milestone is don’t be afraid to ask and then ask again. I use Instagram, Facebook, text and email. When people didn’t reply I continued to contact them using other media.

For me Light The Night is a sense of community. Just knowing there are others out there willing to share their stories and wisdom. Helped me and my family feel the support of the community

Cancer affects everyone, everywhere. Together we can put an end to cancers.

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