Beckett - Honoured Hero

Vancouver BC

Beckett was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in February 2020. He had not been acting like himself, and after a trip to our family doctor and some bloodwork we learned the horrible news. We received the diagnosis late at night from our dedicated family physician, and within an hour we were on our way to BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) in a state of shock, unsure of what would happen next. We quickly learned that, unfortunately, a Leukemia diagnosis is not uncommon for children. However, it presenting in a 9-month-old is.

The first days were overwhelming with numerous tests, meetings, and decisions to make. BC Children's Hospital became our home for 5 months while Beckett received his inpatient treatment. Instead of play dates and park trips, we logged some serious miles circling the oncology floor. 18 months of out-patient maintenance chemotherapy followed, with countless appointments and lab visits to monitor along the way. Life could not have been more stressful, chaotic and uncertain. But throughout Beckett was strong, resilient, and remained a sweet smiling boy. We are so happy and relieved to share that Beckett just reached a major milestone , he is one-year post treatment and is doing excellent!

Beckett's cancer diagnosis transformed our family - beyond the difficult days our family endured, we gained unbelievable perspective, and a deeper connection and appreciation for our family, friends, and community. The experience also left us with immense gratitude to everyone that cared for Beckett along the way, and motivated us to give back to this community however we can. Our family directly benefited from the research and advancements made in treatment therapies and protocols. Today we are motivated to help others that are currently experiencing or will experience a life altering blood cancer diagnosis. We are so proud that the LLSC is recognizing Beckett as this years Honored Hero for the Visionary of the Year campaign, this amazing kid is a true rock star!