Adamo Bocchino

Adamo Bocchino

Montreal QC

Honoured Hero - Montreal 2021

June 2nd, 2015 our precious son Adamo came into this world beautiful and healthy weighting 11.6 lbs.

Our hearts immediately were filled with so much love instantly. He changed our lives for the better in so many ways. Three months before his 3rd birthday we welcomed into this world our second precious boy his little brother Massimo. Our family was now completed and our home was filled with endless love, lots of laughter and little chaos.

September 7, 2018 was a date we will never erase from our memories. Our world crumbled down. Never would we’ve imagine to embark this terrifying journey.

The multiple test results in clinic revealed horrifying news: Lymphoma at first then devastating news followed his first admission to the hospital it was in fact leukemia more specifically ALL (acute lymphoblastic Leukemia).We were numb, speechless, shaken and broken into pieces.

What a roller coasters we went on right after his admission in oncology. His rounds of chemotherapy started immediately and we were in isolation with very strict rules about germs and visitors during his hospital stay.

Adamo underwent several tests, blood draws, spinal taps, x-rays, CT scan, surgeries some of which got infected and demanded an extended stay in hospital. Attached to an IV he was sent for numerous procedures to monitor his progress. Our hearts ached.

The hospital staff was truly amazing and we had all the support from the outside world that my family and I could have hoped for.

We were able to return home and follow the protocol given and go back to the hospital on a weekly basis to receive his chemotherapy injections extended on a period of 9 months on different rounds of chemo protocol.

Adamo never really expressed any fears about the cancer but he was petrified of being poked by needles at all times. He coped with the sometimes 2 hour commute by singing along to his personal play list which includes everyone from Pavarotti to AC/DC.

Today, Adamo is cancer free and will be in remission as of October 2021. In the meantime he is still followed every 2 weeks for maintenance check up’s, blood test and every 3 months a lumbar puncture. His beautiful smile can light up any room. He is and will continue to be an inspiration to everyone around him , our little hero and champion in his battle with cancer.