Never has cancer seen a champ like you!

Your reward for fundraising

No matter the amount of funds you raise, we want you to know how much it means to the blood cancer community that you care. 

When you register for Light The Night, you will receive a window decal of a lantern so you can be a beacon of light for those affected by a blood cancer wherever you may be in Canada.

Did you know?

Light The Night generates about 60% of our funding for blood cancer research and community programs. It is our single biggest source of revenue.

Tools for fundraising success

Whether you are fundraising as an individual or as a team, preparing how you will fundraise gets you closer to your Light The Night target. How you fundraise is entirely up to you! Just remember, no matter what you choose to do, we can help you along the way. And most of all, you will be helping the blood cancer community in a big way.

Upcoming Team Captain Fundraising Webcasts

Take fundraising to the next level. Leading a team to work toward a common goal is no small feat! These upcoming webcasts are exclusive to registered Light The Night team captains and will tackle some of the hottest trending topics for leaders trying to make a difference for the blood cancer community.
Let Your Light Shine

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