Chris Olsen

Lymphoma - year one.

Ottawa ON

About a year ago a growth formed under my arm. I had no idea what it was...I thought maybe a bug bite. It grew at an incredible exponential rate. After two months I finally had a biopsy; after many inconclusive tests. It was unfortunately a aggressive malignant B-Cell Lymphoma tumor. It had grown a great deal and I could no longer lower my arm ( I walked around with my hand on my hip).

Things picked up and I was expedited into the system to neutralize this tumor. I received exceptional care at the Ottawa General Hospital. A friend of mine had died of the exact same Cancer 15 years ago. The recent research and developments that have been funded by LLSC saved my life. LLSC provided me with amazing outreach, information, and consistent support.

I know that there are 100 000 people living with Lymphoma in Canada. I got to ring the bell and go home, but there are people just starting their blood cancer journey. I want to do what I can to help LLSC fund their excellent initiatives.