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Engage and motivate your employees while working for the greater good!

Blood cancers impact employees across all organizations; whether we realize it or not, people we see every day are personally affected or someone close to them is affected by a blood cancer. When you partner with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada, you can create a supportive community to those on your team affected by these life-altering and sometimes deadly diseases.

Research tell us 68% of Canadians would feel helpless if they or someone they know were diagnosed with a blood cancer.


1. Transform and enhance your team environment

Engage and inspire your employees to work towards a common goal everyone can feel good about. Demonstrate your core values and provide support and encouragement to those in your organization affected by blood cancers.

2. Give back to your community

Take part in powerful, emotional and inspiring events in your community. Events that celebrate and honour cancer survivors, act as memorials to those facing a loss and give hope and healing to those still fighting. These events bond communities together, creating life-long connections that bring light to the darkness of blood cancers.

3. Connect with responsive audiences and build brand equity in a meaningful and memorable way

Align your brand with an organization that supports patients during the multiple stages of their cancer journey, as well as funds the most promising blood cancer research taking place at cancer centres across Canada.