Natasha Reynolds - Montreal

Natasha Reynolds

Montreal QC

In memory of Jordan


There was nothing harder in my life than losing my son. I did not know what leukemia was before Jordan getting sick. His illness sensitized me to blood cancer and I saw how common it was.

I wanted to do something good with grief, the loss of my son made me realize how precious life is and I felt like I needed to bring something good from this tragedy. Jordan had already planned to get involved after his transplant.

Jordan had so much courage while he was battling. He kept positive, and his courage was my inspiration to move forward and savour every moment.

The walk for me signifies hope. Even though I lost Jordan, we should always keep hope and give others going through the similar battle hope to continue on. Anyone who has any concerns for the blood cancer community should attend the walk. The unity of everyone present is so touching and rewarding.

Canadians should support Light the Night because it could be their child, their mother, their sister. Cancer hits so unexpectedly, so random that it could happen to anyone. You could be next, and we should all participate in this event with this is mind. Someone close to you could be affected.

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