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Team Captain, Bronwyn Owens, Shares Why Light The Night Matters to Insight Global
As told to Tania Wybenga, Sr. Manager Community & Fund Development

What was the inspiration for Insight Global to get involved with the LLSC and Light The Night?
Our corporate office decides initiatives each year and this year, our CEO chose LLSC. Almost everyone in the office was excited by the partnership because soon, we came to realize that many people on the team have been impacted in some way by Leukemia or Lymphoma. Insight Global offices in Canada and US got involved, which gave us a chance to come together as an organization. I enjoyed connecting with other LTN leads in organization to share ideas; it was a great feeling to connect to create positive change.

How has LTN improved employee engagement or added to the culture of your organization?
It was fun to organize but we did have some ups and downs. The younger demographic in our office made it a bit more challenging to get people engaged 24/7. It was also my first time taking on an initiative like this and there were lots of learning points. In the end, it came down to incorporating things that were already happening in their lives or things that would spark excitement like exercise classes or leaving early on Fridays – everyone loved that one! At the Walk itself there were tears, laughter and everyone loved it. We felt gratified. Having the Workplace Presentation really helped because the team could see how their efforts would have an impact.

What are 3 words you would use to describe Light The Night?
Inspiring, touching and brought everyone together. My highlight, like most people was definitely walking past SickKids with all the sweet kids holding their flashlights in the window and flashing them out at all the walker-byers.

What would you say to another company considering participating in Light The Night?
Just you wait and see! It is so worth it. It’s great having so much time leading up to the walk because in the final weeks the anticipation just builds like crazy and then finally when we arrived on the day of the walk everyone agreed it was easily one of their highlights of the year.

Do you have a message from Insight Global for the Blood Cancer Community?
We’ll help in any way we can. Do anything within our means to help. This is an organization that is directly impacting so many people and lives for the better and we are just so happy to be a part of it, no matter how small. We want to thank everyone involved and Tania for her amazing support throughout the year. We give our warmest regards and best wishes to everyone from the Blood Cancer Community.

Do you have a story to tell?

As a supporter, in memory, or as a survivor… share with others why you are helping end blood cancers by participating in a Light the Night Walk