Courtney Turnbull - Calgary

Courtney Turnbull

Calgary AB

Two Sisters, One Cancer

Hi my name is Courtney and my story also includes my younger sister Taylor. Besides being sisters we share the same cancer diagnosis which is very rare for same sex siblings. Lucky us right ??! HAHA

When my sister Taylor was a child she found a lump on her neck and was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She underwent chemo therapy and became cured. She is now 10 years clear. Woot Woot !!! 💕

During the Christmas season last year I was driving home from visiting family and I discovered a lump on my neck. Trying not to jump to the worst case scenario because come on it couldn’t possibly be cancer 😬 Taylor took the bullet for both of us . . . Right ???
I was seen by my doctor who sent me for a bunch of tests and assured me it was probably nothing. Well I was shocked when I received my diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma just like Taylor had. I couldn’t believe it !! We would have a greater change of getting hit by lightening or winning the lottery then having the same cancer diagnosis.
I am thankfully almost done my chemotherapy treatment and my last scan showed a clear result so I am on my way !!

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