Brian's Super Grovers - Dartmouth

Brian Grover

Dartmouth NS

Brian's Super Grovers


We started walking last year in 2019. Brian was really the one that first inspired us to join Light The Night, so as a family we joined to support him. Brian was always such a positive person, he never failed to bring a smile to your face.

Early on in his battle against a blood cancer, Brian said that his goal was to walk in the Light the Night 2019 walk. Although he was unable to participate himself, we knew from that point we would walk in his honour, and live out his dream, as he would have wanted us to do. However, moving forward we were able to see the impact that blood cancer has on our community; looking at all of the lanterns lit up on the night of the walk, is absolutely breath taking. I now know that each time we walk, we not only honour Brian, but we also realize hat so many people are fighting the same battle, and it gives a true sense of community.

In a strange way, Light The Night is a bonding experience for our family and friends, but also between the whole community that is affected by a blood cancer. It gives us an opportunity to come together, celebrate the lives of those affected, and hope for a cure for this awful disease.

I think that it is important for Canadians to participate in Light The Night to support the blood cancer community because it is such an inspirational and inclusive event. Not only is it an opportunity to raise awareness of the impact that blood cancer has, but it is a perfect moment to honor and celebrate the lives of those affected by this disease. When I think of blood cancer, the first word that comes to mind is scary. From the point of diagnosis, moving forward brings so much uncertainty and fear of what is to come. Light the Night truly showed us how many people have to go through the same battle, and that you are never alone.

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