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Executive Leadership Committee

Aeronn Zlotnik - Vancouver
Cathy Ho - Vancouver
Dale Lutz - Vancouver
Dan Goodman - Vancouver
Ida Harceg - Vancouver
James Galvin - Vancouver
Jeff Bacha - Vancouver
Ken Bayne - Vancouver
Ken Godfray - Vancouver
Kinji Bourchier - Vancouver
Kinson Lai - Vancouver
Laura Cundari - Vancouver
Patrick Johnson - Vancouver
Shelly Lien - Vancouver
Will Roberts - Vancouver

Honoured Heroes

Pat Alexander - Honoured Hero
I’m a 68-year-old prairie farm boy who has loved living on the West Coast for the past 32 years. In December of 2010 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and more accurately, a rare variant called Cardiac Amyloidosis. I learned that my bone marrow that produces all the body’s blood cells, was als...
Pat - Vancouver
Neil Rachynski - Honoured Hero
Every weekend and every night after work, my wife would put on her most optimistic face and sit with me in hospital during my leukemia treatments, and once my immune system improved we would take regular walks around the 14th floor, my floor, for Malignant Hematology. Just a few months earlier we were jogging partners...
Neil Rachynski - Kamloops

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