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Executive Leadership Committee

Anouk Collet - Montreal
Frederic Chevalier - Montreal
Gilles Legault - Montreal
Ian Kirouac - Montreal CWC
Jean Bertrand - Montreal
John Brandone - Montreal
John Marcovecchio - Montreal
Juana Cabanas - Montreal
Marie Lapointe - Montreal
Marieve Tremblay - Montreal
Matthew Cutler - Montreal
Pino Bocchino - Montreal
Richard Lavoie - Montreal
Rick Kidder - Montreal
Simone Spiller - Montreal
Steve Danson - Montreal
Yosi Knecht - Montreal

Honoured Heroes

Maria Muscari - Honoured Hero
My name is Maria Muscari and this is my story. After a year of living with a mysterious skin rash...One night lying in bed, my breathing getting weaker and weaker, my mom suggested we go to the hospital where they then discovered a large amount of irregular sized lymph nodes pushing on my chest...
Maria Muscari - Montreal
Jordan Bustillo - Remembered Hero
After Christmas 2015 Jordan was not feeling well. He had headaches, stomach aches and just felt off. This went on for a couple of weeks, but not constant. It was on and off. On January 16, 2016, the day before Jordan's 23rd birthday he noticed some small red marks under his skin on his chest....
Jordan - Montreal

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