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Thursday, Nov 19 - 7:00pm
Post Event Celebration
Zoom Password: LTN2020

Take Back The Light

National Broadcast


Executive Leadership Committee

Adrian Anderson - London
Don Adams - London
Ian Murray - London
Judi Smith - London
Larry Myny - London
Paul Schmit - London
Shane Byers - London

Honoured Heroes

Adam Keller - Honoured Hero
My name is Adam Keller. In 2016 I was having a relatively normal summer of working a new job in between semesters of school. In June, I noticed a bump on the right side of my neck, but didn’t think much of it...
Adam Keller - London
Mary Anne Marrone - Remembered Hero
I remember the call. I was leaving work and my sister called me saying I need to come to moms. She wouldn’t say why, she just kept saying come to moms. Finally, she uttered the word that nobody wants to hear, cancer.
Mary Anne Marrone - London

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