The Event

What is the Light The Night Walk?

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada’s Light The Night Walk funds lifesaving research and support for people battling cancer. Friends, families and co-workers form fundraising teams and come together in solidarity for a world without blood cancers.

How do I register for the Light The NightWalk?

Thank you for taking the first step in the fight to end blood cancers. Registration is easy! Just click here to begin the registration process. You can register as an individual or as a team.  For a step by step guide on completing your registration, click here!

Is there a registration fee?

No, there is no registration fee when you sign up for the Light The Night Walk.

However, every walker who raises $100 or more will receive a lantern to hold during the Light The Night Walk. Walkers who raise less than $100 are still welcome to join us for an inspirational evening, but do not qualify for an illuminated lantern.

What can I expect that evening?

You can expect to be filled with hope and inspiration. You will be surrounded by people who all share the exact same mission as you: to find a cure for blood cancers. You will hear stories that showcase the advancements made in the realm of research, and you’ll meet families who have unfortunately lost someone and show we still have work to be done. You will celebrate through great entertainment, remember through moments of commemoration and have fun through the numerous activations across the main site. The Light The Night Walk is an evening you will never forget, with a family you never knew you had.

What time does registration open?

National LLSC hosted walks open access to the main site at 5:00pm. Community hosted walks start times may vary. To confirm the start time of your walk check our list of walks here.

What is the schedule of the evening?

Your local fundraising staff will ensure you have all the necessary information from parking, registration, food and other various areas you will not want to miss. Generally, all events begin at 5:00pm with the Walk starting at 7:00pm.

What happens if it rains?

The Walk takes place rain or shine! In the rare event of a local phenomenon, or if the weather is classified as dangerous to be outdoors, which would prohibit the Walk from taking place, local staff will be in contact with all registered participants.

Can I bring my children to the Walk?

Absolutely! The Light The Night Walk is a family friendly event. Our youngest friends have access to fun games and activities on site to keep them entertained!

Are pets allowed at the Walk?

As much as we would love to have your fury friend join us please contact your local staff to confirm as some parks have bylaws which do not allow pets in the park.

Please ensure they are on a leash and are comfortable in large crowds. While there will be water on site, we recommend bringing them some tasty treats.

Is there food on site?

Yes, snacks and water are available on site. While there are plenty of food options, we do encourage eating a full meal beforehand.

I’m walking in honour of a lost loved one, is there an option to commemorate them?

We are sorry for your loss and thank you for carrying their legacy forward in the fight to end blood cancers. We have an entire KM dedicated to lost loves one’s memories where you can have a luminary in their name. If you did not provide the name during the registration process, please connect with your local fundraising staff to ensure their name will be featured. At the same time, there is a remembrance pavilion on site where special ceremonies will take place in honour of all loved ones lost from a blood cancer.

I’m a survivor of a blood cancer. Is there anything done to honour those who survived or are currently battling?

Yes! Please connect with your local fundraising staff to find out how you can be featured on the KM of Heroes and how you can be a part of the survivor/patient ceremony!

Can I host my own Light The Night Walk?

YES! Individuals in cities across Canada can choose to host a Light The Night Walk in their own community. Other than the 12 national LLSC – hosted Walks, Community Walks or School Walks, are held in multiple cities across Canada. Connect with the nearest regional office to find out how you can get started on a community walk, or even a walk in a school!

The Walk Route

How long is the Walk route? Do we walk all evening?

No, while Walks across Canada have different layouts, no Light The Night Walk is longer than 5km. If you have any restrictions, please reach out to local staff who can answer any questions about the accessibility of the Walk. The Light The Night Event is no longer than 4 hours from the moment you arrive on the main site until you arrive at your car to leave.

Is the walk wheelchair accessible?

The Light The Night Walk is an inclusive event. Yes, the event is wheelchair accessible. Please reach out to local staff to find out more about the accessibility of the Walk.


How does my fundraising make a difference?

  • Funds breakthrough therapies for blood cancer patients
  • Provides free educational materials, support programs and events for patients and families
  • Provides local programs such as our First connection, a peer-to-peer counselling program
  • Comprehensive, personalized assistance through our Information Resource Centre
  • Educational information sessions for healthcare professionals and non-patient groups

I’ve registered for the Light The Night Walk, but am unsure on how to start fundraising. Are there resources available to me?

YES! You have access to a fundraising staff in your region that can help you brainstorm fundraising ideas or even provide you with resources. Call your local office to find out who your representative is. If you wish to access a range of fundraising materials, click here.

I have collected cheques and cash, how can I see that reflected on my fundraising page?

Please arrange to either drop off these donations at your local office, or set up a meeting with your fundraising coach to pick them up. It can take up to two weeks for those donations to be reflected on your team page.

Building a team

Is it difficult to form a team?

Not at all! Once you appoint a team captain to act as a liaison between the LLSC and your organization or family, we will provide materials and guidelines to help you build a successful Light The Night team!

How many people do we need to form a team?

There is no limit to how many people you can have on a team. We do recommend, however, having a team of at least 10 people. With 10 people reaching out to their network, you can have a reach on a larger scale as well as attaining your fundraising goal much easier! The more walkers on your team, the more fun it is!

Does having a team require some kind of corporate donation?

Corporate donations are encouraged, but not required. The majority of contributions will be generated by your individual team members. However, corporate matching gifts can enhance employee fundraising efforts.

How can my company participate?

Companies participate by identifying a team captain, and organizing teams of employees, including their friends, neighbors and family members, to raise money and walk in the event. Local LLSC staff can host presentations in your workplace to help get your colleagues motivated and excited to participate!


Does every walker get a lantern?

Every walker who raises $100 or more will receive a lantern to carry during the Light The Night Walk. Walkers who raise less than $100 are still welcome to join us for an inspirational evening, but do not qualify for an illuminated lantern.

Patients and survivors receive a lantern, however, regardless of their fundraising level.

What do the lantern colours mean?

The lanterns are the symbol of light in the dark world of blood cancers. Each colour reflects your connection to our mission; red for those who support the cause, gold for those who walk in memory of a lost loved one and white for those who have survived or are currently fighting a blood cancer.

I’ve walked in previous years and we had received t-shirts and other swag. What are the incentives this year?

Every year we review Light The Night to understand how we can improve and give more back to patients and their families. We have made some small changes reducing incentives to invest in a program that will better support patients and families struggling with the challenges of life after cancer.

For that reason, we are not offering any swag beyond the official lanterns at the $100 level.

How much was saved on incentives and how will that money be distributed toward your mission?

We have saved an additional $100k that will be directed to the development and implementation of a survivorship program. To know the ratio of dollars spent on patient support & research versus fundraising and other activities, please visit our financials page here.